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Hex Libris
From Episode 40:            From Episode 39:
From WBHHfm:

What I'm Reading (from WitchesBrewHaHa-the Blog)

From Episode 35: The Herbal Witchery Megasode! 

From Episode 34:        From Episode 33:         From Episode 32:                                        From Episode 28:           From Episode 27:   

   By Isaac Bonewits:

    From Episode 24:                             From Episode 23:

    From Episode 22:

    From Episode 21:                 From Episode 20:                      From Episode 19:                    From Episode 18:

                                                                          From Episode 17 : My second recommended fiction series.  Like below, I've listed the 6 books in the series in order from left to right.

     From Episode 16:

From Episode 15:                                                                                                           From Episode 14:


From Episode 13:

                     From Episode 12:    

From Episode 11:          From Episode 10:                                        From Episode 9:                                             From Episode 8:

    From episode 7: My first recommended fiction series.  I've listed the first seven books (currently the whole series) from 1-7 left to right.

     From Episode 6:                From Episode 5:                From Episode 4:                From Episode 3:                From Episode 2:

These are the DVDs I've mentioned several times on the podcast, by Peter Paddon.  They are great resources, and fun to watch, too!  He's forgotten more about magick than I will ever know!
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